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Celebrate Love with the Power of Two

February 14, 2022 by Truefitt & Hill India

As St Valentine’s Day draws near, join Truefitt & Hill in celebrating the day of love, care and indulgence with the Power of Two. Give yourself and your favourite gentleman a chance to indulge in a luxe experience as the Power of Two offers you one scent inhabiting two wonderful products! 

Your favourite gentleman could be anyone – your son, father, grandfather, brother, uncle or BFF. Remember Valentine’s Day is not only about romance. After all, ‘tis the season of love. When it comes to love, we would all agree that we are willing to consider luxurious, high-end tools and products that enhance our loved one’s overall personality.

A good fragrance can be the perfect accessory to any man’s outfit so why not pair up your favourite fragrance #Grafton, #Apsley, #Sandalwood, #1805cologne, #Trafalgar, #Westindianlimes with the matching aftershave balm and receive a complimentary shaving cream from the same range. The perfectly curated range of fragrances is bound to prove to be the best gift to your valentine while the shaving cream and aftershave balm will add a perfect finishing touch to the well-groomed personality. 

And, if you have been looking forward to this day, then allow us to take you on a journey of chance, discovery and surprise with the “From TrueFitt With Love”. We invite you to show love to those who mean the most to you by affording them an opportunity of winning one of our luxurious Edwardian Shaving Sets, a beautifully crafted, hand-polished and stately gift. 

Grooming forms an essential part of modern man’s lifestyle. The gentlemen are looking at grooming products and services that are all about aesthetics, luxury and, self-pampering as well-groomed gentlemen radiate confidence and good vibes. 

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