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Hairstyles 2014

December 22, 2014 by Truefitt & Hill India

This year saw quite a few game changing hairstyles. Men have become more daring and open to these quirky yet editorial looks. Whether it was Neymar with his Mohawk and side cut, Matthew McConaughey with his side-swept locks or Beckham’s undercut, men’s hair fashion grew and how. This is a round up of all the bold and audacious styles that were widely sported by men this year.

  1. Undercut- This year saw the rapid growth of the undercut, whether it was sporting legend, David Beckham; singer, actor, producer, Justin Timberlake; actor, Brad Pitt etc. The undercut involves keeping the sides cropped, almost shaven to the skin, against the long and flowing hair around the crown. This look helps one’s face look longer and sharper. So if you have a narrow forehead and a chiseled jawline, this look is absolutely perfect for you.
  2. Skin Fade- In 2014, the skin fade was also a popular hairstyle sported by businessmen and celebrities alike. Sportsmen like Cristiano Ronaldo; actor, Zac Efron; singers, Usher and Drake wore this look with élan. All hair types, curly, straight, wavy, thin, thick, short or long can adapt this look. It is so versatile it suits all face shapes and can be customized as per personal style sensibilities. It involves a close shave towards the neck and the hair is made heavier and heavier towards the crown.
  3. Taper Fade- The Taper Fade is a variation of the skin fade, wherein, the fade goes towards the sideburns and slowly fades into the beard. Another variation of the taper fade is one where the side burns taper down into a thin line. This look was adorned by the daring likes of Will Smith, Chris Brown and Johnny Depp. If you can sport the stubble, you can definitely pull off this look.
  4. Moderate Quiff- This hairstyle has been permuted and combined over the ages and has now manifested in the form of the moderate quiff. This modern, edgy yet classy hairstyle can be a little tricky to pull off and maintain. However, if done right, it can produce some very favourable results. Teen heartthrobs like Justin Bieber, Bruno Mars and Zzayn Malik have turned this hairstyle into their signature looks. Styling this look involves blowdrying your hair in the upward direction and achieving maximum height and volume.
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