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Having groomed the Monarchs of Great Britain through nine consecutive reigns, Truefitt & Hill continues the legacy of being the bastion of style. Playing a pivotal role in preparing Britain's gentry, we are the Royal Warrant holders to H.R.H. The Duke of Edinburgh.

For over two centuries, Truefitt & Hill, the world's best grooming salon for men has been offering a wide range of services designed to groom gentlemen to perfection. With the barbershop now in India, we bring you our world-renowned personal grooming services along with our personal grooming range for men. Known as a purveyor of the finest quality of traditional English fragrances, shaving requisites and men's grooming kit, the barbershop offers its exclusive clientele a new level of luxury service unrivalled anywhere in the world.

Welcome to Truefitt & Hill


Ultimate Comfort Pre-shave Oil

INR 2,400

Brand Ultimate Comfort

Product weight: 60 gmOur Pre Shave oil contains ten essential oils for glide, moisturizing, heali...
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Royal Shave Gift Voucher

INR 1,900

Brand Truefitt and Hill India

A ritual that begins with the application of pre-shave oil, multiple hot towel wraps and rich sha...
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Wellington Razor: Mach III

INR 7,900

Brand Truefitt & Hill

Truefitts "Wellington" style razor with a Mach III head. Made in the UK, our specially weighted a...
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Moisturizing Vitamin E Shampoo

INR 2,000

Brand Truefitt & Hill

Product weight: 365 gm This hydrating vitamin E protein and glycerin formula is perfect for nou...
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Authentic No. 10 Pre Shave Skin Protector

INR 1,200

Brand Authentic No. 10

Product weight: 50 gm No.10 Pre-Shave Skin Protector is enriched with Borage Oil, Grape seed Oi...
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1805 Cologne

INR 5,300

Brand 1805

Product weight: 100 gm 1805 was originally derived from a formulation known as the “Palmerston ...
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1805 Shave Cream Bowl

INR 2,200

Brand 1805

Product weight: 190 gm Our glycerin-based shaving creams are an excellent way to achieve an incr...
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1805 Shave Cream Tube

INR 1,400

Brand 1805

Product weight: 75 gm Our glycerin-based shaving creams are an excellent way to achieve an incred...
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All our products have been carefully crafted in England since 1805 and they embody the essence of the British heritage at its best. Our dedicated team of highly skilled professionals, chemists, designers and craftsmen work tirelessly to deliver our products known today for their distinctive tradition of innovation and excellence. Our iconic ranges will continue to be produced in England as we constantly endeavour to bring new and exciting products in response to our customer’s needs.







Aftershave- Requisite or Redundant

Truefitt & Hill India Blog - Aftershave- Requisite or Redundant

Is aftershave absolutely necessary to your shave regime or is it completely superfluous? What does it do to improve your shaving experience? Is that burning sensation worth it? How does it help besides giving you a musky smell after?

Lo and behold, this is the complete guide to aftershaves.

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Gentleman’s Grooming- A Lady’s Perspective

Truefitt & Hill India Blog - Gentleman’s Grooming- A Lady’s Perspective

Men find it an everyday struggle to be well groomed. How many times have you found yourself being told that your beard is shaggy or your eyebrows are shabby? “Ruggedly handsome” is often confused with unkempt and disheveled. Which, by the way, is almost never attractive.  Grooming is not being clean-shaven or barefaced. There is so much more that goes into being dapper.

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5 Travel Kit Essentials for the Globetrotting Gent

Truefitt & Hill India Blog - 5 Travel Kit Essentials for the Globetrotting Gent

A meeting in Tokyo, a sit-down in Chicago, a pitch in Berlin, a business lunch in Moscow. For the debonair entrepreneur, the world is his oyster. Hopping from city to city, over continents is often considered an occupational hazard. But at these business liaisons, looking dapper and handsome is not optional it is a prerequisite. Being jetlagged and tousled is not the course of action to take.

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