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November 03, 2014 by Truefitt & Hill India

What found it’s humble beginnings in Adelaide, Australia in 2004 has now turned into a heroic global phenomenon. Movember, an amalgamation of the words, November and Moustache (slang- mo), started out as a solidarity movement among 30 men to spread the word about ailments like prostate cancer, testicular cancer and depression among men. They started a charity, called Movember Foundation, which has since raised about USD 559 mn for over 800 charities that look into men’s health issues. Having reached South Africa and Europe, it arrived in North America. Under it’s reign, about 4 million moustaches have been pruned and nurtured.


Their tagline, changing the face of men’s health, is extremely witty and speaks volumes about what the foundation is trying to achieve. Men sport their moustaches as badges of honor. And suddenly, as the 1st of November (now called, Movember) arrives, they shave them off, looking barefaced and baby-like. This sparks conversations and discussions, even mockery, as to why this man would choose to look like an overgrown infant, a hormonal teenager or a “Gabbar-Style” villain. That is the Eureka Moment. There starts the spreading of awareness and providing insight into the pressing issue, that is men’s health. The MoBros, are the walking- talking billboards of this movement and what it stands for.


What forms the heart of this movement is, raising awareness and funds to support the comrades of MoBros, i.e., the warriors that battle testicular and prostate cancer and depression. All proceeds collected by the foundation go directly to those charities that help and aid those who suffer from these ailments and those charities that fund and support research efforts. As the facts state, 1 out of 6 males, suffers from prostate cancer. About 90% of testicular cancer cases are curable. With such odds of survival, men must be nudged to get regular check-ups and this movement is a step in that direction to sow the seeds of effective men’s healthcare in the minds of the masses.


Truefitt and Hill, India, honors and reveres the lad who has the guts and gusto to shave and then later nurture and sport the stache. They help groom and glorify those brave hearts that bare their faces in order to elevate the level of awareness for their distressed mates who suffer from these ailments and also have taken it upon themselves to change the face of men’s health. Truefitt and Hill endeavors to applaud the gent who can prune and maintain his mo’ and as a show of respect they have created an account with the Movember Foundation to donate to and forward this noble cause.

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