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Aftershave- Requisite or Redundant

January 20, 2015 by Truefitt & Hill India

Truefitt & Hill India Blog - Aftershave- Requisite or Redundant
Is aftershave absolutely necessary to your shave regime or is it completely superfluous? What does it do to improve your shaving experience? Is that burning sensation worth it? How does it help besides giving you a musky smell after? Lo and behold, this is the complete guide to aftershaves.

An aftershave is a liquid, lotion, balm or splash. In any manifestation, it is absolutely essential to your shaving ritual as it leaves you with a creamy and velvety finish on your skin. As the name suggests, it is intended to be used post your shave. Aftershaves are categorically fundamental because they mend all the cuts and bruises you endure during your shave. The alcohol, a major constituent in aftershave, serves as an antiseptic. It is the alcohol that causes the burning sensation, but immediately seals the cuts and blemishes from infections and septicity.  So that slight burning sensation you feel, is in actuality, your skin being sealed from bacteria preventing unsightly gashes and scabs along with giving you a chic and exuberant appearance.

Aftershaves don’t only serve this medical purpose but also provide a creamy and even, strokable texture to your skin. This is due to the fact that most aftershaves are predominantly moisturizing agents. The make one’s skin supple and springy. Another facet provided by aftershaves is the fragrance. Fragrances form an integral component in aftershaves. Whether it’s musky smells, woodsy aromas or citrusy whiffs you prefer, there’s an aftershave out there for you.

So gents, Truefitt & Hill is guaranteed to gratify all your aftershave needs. Whether you need to look dapper for a date or debonair for a meeting, T&H will furnish you with a host of options to choose from. If you’re a man of musk or a woodsman, they will have a fragrance, which will appeal to your olfactory senses. The polished and immaculate finish they pledge will modify the way you look after a shave and you will forever repudiate any other shaving technique.

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