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Gentleman’s Grooming- A Lady’s Perspective

January 20, 2015 by Truefitt & Hill India

Truefitt & Hill India Blog - Gentleman’s Grooming- A Lady’s PerspectiveMen find it an everyday struggle to be well groomed. How many times have you found yourself being told that your beard is shaggy or your eyebrows are shabby? “Ruggedly handsome” is often confused with unkempt and disheveled. Which, by the way, is almost never attractive.  Grooming is not being clean-shaven or barefaced. There is so much more that goes into being dapper.

It is a fallacy that taking care of oneself, getting a manicure or having a spa-day is feminine or “high-maintenance”.  The erroneousness of this belief is of epic proportions.  You need not spend an hour everyday to look immaculately groomed. An appointment to have your beard trimmed by the most impeccable set of shears and razor, or having your nails trimmed using a sharpened file, or even the occasional eyebrow tweeze, at the seasoned hands of superlative professionals every other week, is more that sufficient.

>While women can forgive a myriad of shocking fashion faux pas for the right man, there are some mistakes no woman can absolve. 71% of women prefer men to trim their beard hair and 33% would prefer a full-on shave. Women are extremely particular about their men being prim and proper. Not only do they think it’s hygienic but they put a lot of stock in taking care of themselves and except men to reciprocate. The modern lady appreciates a beard, as long as it’s trimmed and well kept. When a man's stubbly chin or cheek rubs against their skin that burns like fire. Girls don't like beard burn it creates unsightly blemishes. Men, remember that five o'clock shadows look really appealing, but they don't feel too great. Maybe, she’s shy and won’t tell you about that repulsive hangnail or that wayward brow. But men, she notices everything.

Truefitt & Hill, India is the embodiment of the male grooming experience. The über lavish institution for male grooming has the answers to all your grooming requirements. Truefitt & Hill gives you an unparalleled series of treatments and offers you a plethora of options to choose from. So if it is that unkempt beard, your shaggy mane, that ghastly unibrow or those vile, misshapen nails, Truefitt and Hill gives you the phenomenal and requisite treatments they are in dire need of.

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