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5 Travel Kit Essentials for the Globetrotting Gent

January 20, 2015 by Truefitt & Hill India

Truefitt & Hill India Blog - 5 Travel Kit Essentials for the Globetrotting Gent

A meeting in Tokyo, a sit-down in Chicago, a pitch in Berlin, a business lunch in Moscow. For the debonair entrepreneur, the world is his oyster. Hopping from city to city, over continents is often considered an occupational hazard. But at these business liaisons, looking dapper and handsome is not optional it is a prerequisite. Being jetlagged and tousled is not the course of action to take. Here’s a list of grooming must-haves for the traveling lad’s travel kit.

1. Shaving Brush- A badger brush is a significant component of your kit. Badger brushes have been and are being used for centuries. They are the perfect tools to lather and prep your beard for a shave.

2. Shaving Cream- A frothy, foamy and soapy shaving cream must find its way into your kit. It is an integral part of the shaving regime and a must-have in very man’s travel kit.

3. Razor- A sharp and honed razor is one of the most important constituents in a male grooming kit. It forms the nub of a shaving routine. A sharpened razor is important to rid oneself of unwanted facial hair and unsightly ingrowths.

4. Aftershave Balm- A prerequisite in a travel kit, an aftershave not only imparts a pleasant, musky smell but also proves to be an antiseptic for the cuts and bruises endured while shaving.

5. Cologne- A cologne is a mandatory product in everyday grooming. It is obligatory of have one in your travel kit. Without a musky smelling spirit, the aura of a gentleman is ruined.

Truefitt & Hill has composed a comprehensive Travel Kit to suit all your grooming needs. With this kit you are a shoo-in to look pruned and princely.

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