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At Truefitt & Hill our customers and staff continue to remain our number one Priority , with COVID-19 still being a threat we are adopting special measures and taking this as utmost priority to keep our employees and clients out of harm's way


Customer Guidelines


  • Before check-in, the customer needs to make sure that he has filled in the self-assessment and declaration form provided to him via the appointment confirmation SMS.
  • On Arrival at the store, mandatory temperature checks with the infrared thermometer.
  • Clients are requested to mandatory wear personal protection accessories such as gloves and masks


  • Customers are requested to maintain social distancing within the store and avoid ordering food or beverages
  • Before and after every service, the barber chair and barber service station will be sanitized including the furniture in the waiting area will be cleaned frequently. 
  • Disposable towels will be used to maintain strict hygiene and precaution
  • Customers are required to wear a mask at all times and sanitize hands frequently if required in the barbershop


  • We strongly recommend clients to make payments online and avoid paying via cash. Whilst making your payment, please maintain social distancing if there is a queue.
  • The available mode of payments at Truefitt & Hill: Credit Card (All Banks), Debit Card (All Banks), Paytm, Google Pay, Phone Pe or any other UPI
  • Sanitize your hands and card before and after touching any machine at the desk
  • Remove used Personal Protection accessories such as gloves or mask and put them in the designated bin after use. 

Staff Guidelines


  • Disinfect the salon thoroughly before resuming operations.
  • Before arriving at the barbershop, every employee should have Arogya Setu App mandatory installed and perform self-assessment on the app. 
  • Before walk-in, mandatory temperature check with the infrared thermometer
  • All barbers and therapists wear a face mask, face shield and gloves during the service and sanitize hands before and after the service. Face mask and gloves to be disposed of safely in the bin after 6 hours. After removing the mask and gloves, it is mandatory to sanitize your hands.


  • Educate customers to maintain a safe distance at the reception and waiting area
  • Encourage customers for digital payment (credit card, debit card, Paytm, Google Pay, UPI)
  • Inform customers about product delivery of Truefitt & Hill essentials products. 


  • Clean and disinfect the desk every hour - reception desk, telephone, desktops, keyboard, mouse, printers, card machine, drawer knobs, chair handles etc.
  • Before the service, the barber workstation including the common service station, Royal Suite and spa rooms are cleaned and sanitized. 
  • If the customers fail the self-assessment and declaration test or refuse to fill the same, politely convey the message for not being able to serve 
  • Types of equipment such as scissors, clippers, trimmers, combs, brush are cleaned with freshwater and disinfecting spray.  
  • Use of single-use disposable napkins and towels for service 
  • Designated foot-pedal bin for disposing of used mark and gloves 

Product Display

  • Ensure customer or staff touches product rack only after sanitizing hands and politely request the customers, to only touch what they intend to try out
  • Ensure product racks are disinfected with the spray frequently
  • Change gloves while handling consumable stock and post counting/arranging stock.
We are updating policies regularly and are open to suggestions and feedback, please share your thoughts if any at

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