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Truefitt & Hill Limnol Hair Serum for Men 200ml

INR 3,600

(Inclusive of all taxes)

Brand Truefitt & Hill

Product: Truefitt & Hill Limnol Hair Serum a Paraben-Free perfect solution for medium to thick dry hair. Elevate your grooming routine with this premium hair serum designed for men who seek quality and excellence in every drop.

Contains : Castor seed oil, used as a humectant to intensely moisturize the hair and skin, providing hydration. Also contains limonene which is used for its antibacterial properties, also to relieve stress and to elevate mood. It contains alcohol denat to purify the scalp.

Complete Hair Care Solution : With regular use of this Serum lubricates the hair shaft, enhancing flexibility and reducing breakage. Infused with citrus medica vulgaris peel oil, it serves as a natural antiseptic, clearing impurities for healthier, revitalized hair.

Nourishes : Castor Seed Oil helps to promote healing and stimulate tissue growth. It also has anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties. When used on a regular basis, it helps to lubricate the hair shaft, increasing flexibility and decreasing breakage

Fragrances : this serum adds a touch of citrus luxury to your hair care routine, leaving your locks revitalized and beautifully scented. Elevate your styling experience with our Lime Essence Hair Serum for a truly refreshing and aromatic touch

How To Use : Elevate your styling routine with our premium hair dressing! Simply shake the bottle for a perfectly blended mix of ingredients. Massage a few drops into your palms and apply to slightly damp or dry hair for a medium to firm hold. Effortlessly achieve your desired style with this easy-to-use and effective dressing.

Other information:

Country of Origin : United Kingdom
Manufactured and Packed by : Truefitt & Hill
Imported and Marketed by : Lloyds Luxuries Ltd
Customer Care Email :
Customer care Number : 2268238888
Reg.No. RC/COS-002097

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