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Truefitt & Hill Coconut Shampoo 365ML

INR 3,000

Brand Truefitt & Hill

  • PRODUCT: Truefitt & Hill Hair Management Coconut Shampoo 365ML. It is an essential hair management collection for men, and it is suitable for all hair types.It is highly moisturizing, and doesn’t strip natural oils from hair and Scalp. It really helps to nourish the hair, leaving it looking and feeling luxuriantly strong, healthy, and lustrous. Truefitt and Hill occupy the position of one of the leading men’s barbershop in the world.
  • Ingredient Properties: This hair shampoo is specially designed for sensitive scalps. It is formulated with wheat and soy proteins which help to retain moisture, add volume, strengthen and smooth the hair. It has Sodium Lauryl Sulphate free to aid in the prevention of scalp dryness and irritation, helping to clear the scalp by not stripping the hair and scalp of natural oils. It enhanced moisturizing properties designed to cleanse and invigorate both hair and scalp.
  • Contents: This Coconut shampoo contains only naturally derived cleansing substances and enriched with glycerin, this shampoo helps to promote scalp health, protect the follicles and nourish hair leaving it looking and feeling luxuriantly strong, healthy and lustrous. This shampoo is mild enough for everyday use. For normal or sensitive scalps. Use as often as required. Massage into hair and scalp and repeat if required.
  • Directions for Use: Apply adequate amount of shampoo onto wet hair. Massage directly into hair and scalp in circular motion. Rinse thoroughly. Repeat if required. For best results, follow with Hair Management Replenishing Conditioner. Use as often as necessary.

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